Last Tournament for November

There will be a Saturday Open Chess tournament this weekend, November 21 at SteelCraft Garden Grove. This will be the last one for November. The next one after that will be on December 5, 2020. This event is an over-the-board, US Chess Federation (USCF) rated event. See previous Saturday's crosstables: November 7November 14 (26 chess … Continue reading Last Tournament for November

Happening Now-Saturday Open

Chess games are happening now at the outdoor site of SteelCraft Garden Grove. We have two sections today! If you would like to see previous Saturday's cross-tables, click the links below: October 10October 17 Click Here to Register October 24, 2020 ChessPalace Saturday Open @ SteelCraft Garden Grove Venue space Stop by to say hi … Continue reading Happening Now-Saturday Open