Scholastic Tournament is for chess players in grades Kindergarten to 12th grade, this tournament is usually on a Sunday. Please check the calendar page if there is one this month.

This tournament is great for practicing how to play and to learn some of the tournament etiquettes.

2023 Dates

  1. January 29
  2. February 26
  3. March 26
  4. April 30
  5. May 21*
  6. June 25
  7. July 30
  8. August 27
  9. September 24
  10. October 29 (Halloween Weekend)
  11. November 24, 25, and/or 26 (Thanksgiving weekend – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the American Open Scholastic Tournaments)
  12. December 17

Outdoor Scholastic Chess Tournament for Sundays, Sept 24, 2023. To sign up click here:

Regional Scholastic Chess Series

Each tournament is a stand-alone tournament and players can register for 1, 2, or all 3 of the tournaments. (SPECIAL Prize: For players with a combined score of 10 points or more in total from this tournament series will win an entry to the current year’s American Open for any section in the Scholastic Tournament.)

Sections, Time Control, & Entry Fees:

There will be 4 sections for each of the tournament in the Regional Scholastic Chess Series. These are:

a. K-12 Open
b. K-12 under 1100
c. K-6 under 600
d. K-6 under 400

Time control is 30 minutes with 5-seconds delay per player, per round, and the entry fee is $36; $50 on-site for each of the tournament in this series. Discounts are available for players signing up for more than one tournament at the same time.