Wednesday Knights is one of the chess club’s long games. The tournament runs for the whole month and has one round of USCF-rated game each Wednesday.

All players will be in one section paired using the Swiss-pairing system. Time control for each player, for each round, is 30 moves/90 minutes + sudden death 30 minutes (5-second delay starting move one).

Entry fee for the tournament is $30/month for regular attendee +$5 for first time club player ($27 for ChessPalace members).

If interested in playing for a round or two only, please email us at info (@) or text to 310-594-3475 for more information. (subject: Wednesday Knights)

To register, please select and pay one of the options below and submit your name and email in the form below, OR email us at info(at) and pay on site.

Entry Fee for Wednesday Knights (new chess club players)

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Entry Fee for Wednesday Knights

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