US Open in Southern California!

In just a few short days, on Saturday, July 30, the chess championship, the 122nd US Open, will begin.

This year sees the US Open on this side of the coast, specifically at Rancho Mirage, CA, just 20 minutes from Palm Springs. Official dates are July 30 to August 7, but there are a lot of side events. Check it out as a player or as a spectator. One does not need to be registered for the tournament to attend.

Schedule of Events

  1. 122nd Annual U. S. Open Chess Championship: July 30 – August 7, August 2-7 or August 4-7, 2022
  2. Sat-Sun July 30-31   Weekend Swiss   5SS, G/60 d5 $1,150 Guaranteed Prizes
  3. Sat July 30   U. S. Open Bughouse   G/5;d0. Entry fee $20 per team.
  4. Sun July 31   U. S. Open Scholastic 
  5. Mon, August 1 U. S. Open Quads (one day event) G/30;d5. Entry fee $20.
  6. Tue August 2   U. S. Open Quads (Tuesday Quads Only)   G/60;d5. Entry fee $20.
  7. Wed, August 3   U. S. Open Quads (one day event) G/30;d5. Entry fee $20.
  8. Wed August 3   U. S. National G/15 Championship   5-SS, G/15;d5. Quick rated, higher of regular or quick rating used. Entry fee $40.
  9. Thu, August 4   U. S. Open Quads (one day event) G/30;d5. Entry fee $20.
  10. Fri, August 5   U. S. Open Quads (one day event) G/30;d5. Entry fee $20.
  11. Fri August 5   Annual U. S. Open Tennis Event 
  12. Saturday August 6   U. S. Open National Blitz Championship 7 Double Round (14 games) Swiss, 1 section, G/5;d0 Entry fee $40, free to Unrated players if paying US Chess dues.

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