Three Ways to Start Learning Chess

Interested in learning how to play chess? Here are three easy ways to start!

The local library has a variety of books on chess that are free to borrow, and if you want more, you can always head over to the nearest bookstore. Introduction to chess books provides easy-to-follow explanations about the board, the pieces, and the rules! You’ll also find diagrams that will make it easier to visualize those explanations. Here are some book ideas to start Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess and Learn to Play Chess. We strongly recommend also getting a decent-sized (aka not a travel-size) chess set: board and pieces, along with the book, since you’ll want to practice holding and moving the chess pieces as you learn about them. Chess sets can be purchased at our chess club or online. Overall, this is the perfect option if you like reading and learning at your own pace – you can spend as much time as necessary on the lessons and get all the practice you need! 

What’s even better than learning chess from a book? Getting lessons from a coach! Learning how to play chess from another person provides the opportunity to be able to ask questions and get the answers quickly. On top of that, you’ll get to practice playing with having an opponent on the spot. Getting used to seeing the pieces on the board, moving them, and playing against an opponent are essential aspects of getting started with playing chess! A coach can give instant feedback, explain the rules, and help you remember the pieces and moves through drills and practice. Ask a friend or family member to teach you, or sign up for an Intro to Chess Lesson at ChessPalace!

And finally, if you want to learn on the go, use technology such as chess apps, and online chess platforms and Lichess! These websites are accessible by phone or through the computer. While there is no physical board and pieces to play with, one can learn the rules of how the pieces move by jumping in and joining a game. You would play against the computer or another online user. During the game, the computer or app will not allow you to move the pieces in ways that are not permissible. For example, if you would like to move a rook to a square diagonally from its current position, you would not be able to move it. The program will not place it there and will stay in the current square. It will only allow you to move the rook if it is to a square in the direction it is allowed to move and follows the rules. Online or through an app is a convenient way to start learning chess if you don’t have the time for lessons or are always on the move.

Getting started with chess is easy, and there are three methods to get going: reading a book, getting lessons, and playing online! After memorizing how the pieces move, if you want to learn and play more, sign up for our mailing list or stop by the chess club during our casual nights of open play. Your move!

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