Coach Alfredo – the father of the Ong family has passed down the secret to chess improvement to his six children and now sharing it with all students at the chess club. Coach Alfredo conducts one-on-one private tutoring and workshops with players who are willing to sit down and learn with him.

Coach Anthony  – a candidate master and a former State High School Champion has taught many students from beginner to World Youth candidates. With over two decades of experience as a chess player, Coach Anthony is now sharing his rich knowledge of chess. From a small group to large classroom sessions, Coach Anthony’s strategy engages students in a fun yet rigorous program. His games are highly tactical and so naturally teaches chess tactics as the fastest way to checkmate. His advice to eliminate blunders is to look for the right patterns. He follows the step-by-step method that exposes students to proven patterns to gain an advantage and teaches the intermediate and advanced classes. Coach Anthony currently holds a US Chess Federation rating of over 1800.

Coach Aaron – An engineer during the week and chess player on the weekends, Coach Aaron teaches intermediate players how to think of their games logically and with assertiveness. He currently holds a US Chess Federation rating of 1700+.

Coach JJ – An avid chess player and enthusiast, Coach JJ shares his excitement about chess to all students. From over confident newbies to energetic youngsters, Coach JJ’s chess class engages students through his beginner lessons and problem solving sessions.